JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai – a porngraphic adult anime review

FeaturedJK Bitch ni Shiboraretai – a porngraphic adult anime review



Sluts are fun!

With a lot of hentai feeling like an endless parade of shy moe virgin girls crying ‘no’ and blushing through their first times, having a show about a group of cock hungry sluts with literal hearts in their eyes at the sight of dick while begging to be fucked is a blessed relief.


Variety is the spice of life—and JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai is a flavour I’d highly recommend to anyone for a good time.

jkbitch3It’s a lighthearted and somewhat vanilla fuckfest, with a really cute high school aesthetic that is beautifully animated. Real actual animation, what a surprise, animated by T-Rex, who also worked Mizugi Kanojo and Ai no Katachi, which are personal favourites, and JK Bitch stands right alongside those as their best.

It really captures a high school aesthetic in it’s character designs and it’s dialogue, while obviously amplifying it for fetish appeal. I expected it to be darker than it was, but it really is Fucking Cute Dumb Cock Hungry Sluts: The Hentai—and god damn, is it fun.

People can enjoy jkbitch2their dark fetish filled hentai and whatever NTR shit is coming out this week, but I’ll thank our merciful Lord for blessing up with this hentai about dumb cock hungry high school sluts, and have a great time while doing it—and I highly recommend you at least consider doing the same.

Enjoy the fun of sluts.

Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera – a porngraphic adult anime review

Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera – a porngraphic adult anime review


pure-hearted-1.pngPure-Hearted Girl Et Cetera is true to it’s name. It’s pure-hearted love (with a little extra spice).PURE-HEARTED 3

The art style is a mix between ‘cute’ and ‘mature’. The color pallet, designs and animation are all fun and lighthearted. Everything works to get across it’s ‘clean, pure love’ aesthetic.

The plot matters as much as plot matters in things like romcoms: the dynamic and connection to the characters is what’s important. Both the female and male character’s have cute and unique designs.

Cute male character

The main girl is a shy new student with glasses, the guy is good-natured, and thinks she looks like she’ll grow up to be the hot mature office lady type that he’s into. It plays into that with some fun scenarios: some school rooftop exhibitionism and playing into the ‘mature office lady’ fetish.


The second, unrelated story isn’t as enjoyable, for me at least, but it isn’t something that will turn you off if you enjoyed the first.

Overall, high recommended to those looking for pure-hearted love (with a little something-something).

What Is With All These TV Hentai Shorts?

What Is With All These TV Hentai Shorts?


Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni, Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita, Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.

For the last three seasons, a strange occurrence has been seen on the MAL seasonal anime charts, to the confusion of all viewing it. Josei shorts, which upon viewing are either hentai or censored hentai, depending on what release you manage to find.

A few people have asked, “Is this just a thing now? Are hentai short each season some new trend?”

Not really. Or more accurately, can you really call something a thing when there is only one company and producer funding it?

ComicFesta is the primary force behind all of this. ComicFesta seems to be a cross between comixology (a site for purchasing American comics) with the added bonus of manga that reminds me of harlequin novels. It is owned by a company called Wave, which operates ComicFesta, ComicFesta Anime formerly called AnimeZone where all the R-18 versions of these hentai shorts air, and Suiseisha which publishes physical versions of their material.

With a partnership with TOKYO-MX (a TV station), they seem to be financing these adaptations of their their manga for both TV and their uncensored Anime Zone. All the adaptations so far have come from their TL Seamo label (TL meaning “Teen Love”). The anime airs with different levels of censorship on different platforms: on MX where it is most censored, and an online service called ComicFesta Anime, formerly called AnimeZone where it is the least censored.

This can’t be really called ‘a new trend’ or any such thing, being only one producer, even though they are hiring different animation studios to direct, but it seems more to be a promotional experiment.


Those of us who have been adoring this output can only pray that this will be successful enough that other producers decide to promote their catalogue in a similar way.

[Note: some of the terminology in this post may be incorrect, i.e. technical terms for members in the production. This is solely meant to show that all these shows are coming from a similar place.]

[Official page for Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita]

[Official page for Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji]

[Official page for Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni]


Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni… – a porngraphic adult anime review

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…  – a porngraphic adult anime review

DFiFdnEVwAEFfwKListen up cunts, if you care about the plot of a hentai you fundamentally fucked up.

Hentai doesn’t even have plots, they have ‘scenarios’, ways in which you get to the fucking in way that is most interesting and erotic for the viewer.

How the fuck do I read reviewers with shit like ‘visualising yourself in the shoes of the lead character is a major part of the appeal of any sexualised anime’ and then  this fucking bitch thinks the dude is the main character. How do you fuck SO BADLY.

How can one cunt be so dense?

Don’t even get me started on the dumb idiot who thinks referring to the female MC as ‘Sex Object’ is the height of feminist critique. Who the fuck is objectifying her in the narrative? Herself? The female author? She’s the fucking MC. She’s the self-insert character you dumb whore.

Like fuck, it’s your opinion but you’re wilfully idiotic and childish desire to critique a show you don’t like using the only language you know despite how irrelevant it is.

DFiI-9GVwAAmotxThis isn’t even a review of the show, just a roasting of the idiotic reviewers who are incapable of stepping out of them hollow self-centred view to see what this show is offering and to whom. Because it’s not an offering on the ‘good feminist show’ alter. It’s not a fucking male-aimed hentai. Those things are irrelevant but your fucking ability to review and criticise things is so narrowly along those lines.

So the premise of this show is ‘Girl had a crush on a guy in high school, and at their reunion she finds out he’s become a priest. He then makes her become his bride’. So she gets taken advantage of by the guy she liked growing up (don’t even lie to me that that isn’t a Fantasy of Women). The entire show is based on how it can cater to fantasies. If you’re fucking mad that so many of those fantasies involve a man being so overtaken by lust for you he doesn’t know what to do, bitch you gonna be mad at a lot of fucking women.

10/10 solely as a spite score, I don’t give a fuck.

[This review was originally on MAL/MyAnimeList but whereas I view criticising other reviews on how they are wrong and don’t get an anime as a valid way to talk about the flaws and strengths of a show, they don’t. Probably as a way to combat bullying among a young user-base, so I understand and respect that. But ayyyyyyy, this review is staying here, and there’s a separate one on MAL. Give my MAL one a like: https://myanimelist.net/reviews.php?id=260042.%5D

Fuzzy Lips (Furueru Kuchibiru) – a pornographic adult anime review

Fuzzy Lips (Furueru Kuchibiru) – a pornographic adult anime review


Layer 7(This is a review of both Episode 0 and Episode 1 of Fuzzy Lips, although they are listed separately on MAL.)

Fuzzy Lips is utterly fantastic and I recommend it to everyone, especially other women. Hentai is full of quirks that… bother me particularly as a woman who likes men, but Fuzzy Lips is perfection. The male lead is cute, which we all know is something that hentai lacks, the dicks are great, and in my opinion the fetish material appeals greatly to women.

It’s my personal all-time favourite hentai OVA. Put out by Pashmina, animated by Studio 1st, the studio also responsible for Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera, Ane Kyun, Otome Hime and Mokkai Shiyo, and are one of the Layer 4best studio animating hentai. I rate it a 10 among hentai, and unironically rate it a 9 alongside other anime. I rate it higher than anime that are probably more objectively quality like Cardcaptor Sakura or Fate/Zero, but hear me out.

Objective ‘quality’ doesn’t interest me as much as it seems to interest other reviewers and critics of anime.

Layer 24The thing I look for is… longevity. Or more accurately ‘how much I think about an anime after watching it’. The reasons someone thinks about a show is entirely subjective, from story elements that appeal to you more than it would anyone else, or an unique art-style that you can’t get anywhere else.

Layer 21Do I just think about Fuzzy Lips so much because it’s just a perfect combination of fetishes I adore and can’t get effort of, with an art style that is everything I want in a hentai, along with the annexing all the little quirks of hentai that turn me off a show? Probably. God damn it’s so great. The leads are adorable, the art style is that perfect mix of adorable and mature, and the animation is stellar.

Layer 12The plot is simple, I won’t go on and on about how ‘but this has a plot!’ as if that means anything or makes a hentai better. A male teacher and a trouble maker school girl student are in a relationship. The girl has an abandonment issues that they overcome while sleeping together. Many of it’s sex scenes are school-based exhibitionist–fucking secretly in the school bathroom, on the roof, in the school yard, and in a Ferris wheel.

Layer 17Male teacher/female student is a great fetish dynamic, particularly one with a cute male character. That’s one of the little quirks of hentai that this avoids so wonderfully. Typically if there’s a male teacher, expect Fat Ugly Old Man Number 312. That meme, I’m sure you’ve seen it, is entirely accurate for a reason.

Layer 11Another one is in particular is what I like to call ‘shit dick’. Which yeah dicks are darker than the rest of the body but it’s like… why not just do the best of everyone. Imagine having the grossest more torn up roast beef vagina in a hentai. No thank you. Don’t make me suffer through shit dick! Which is just a lead in for me to say that the uncensored dicks in Fuzzy Lips are… appealing. I think it has some of the best blowjob scenes in hentai.

I unironically adore this fucking hentai so much I made a fucking AMV out of it. I wasted my time doing that and only grew to appreciate the animation, art style and designs more. Watch Fuzzy Lips, it’s fantastic.

Layer 3

Iizuka Senpai x Blazer the Animation – a pornographic adult anime review

Iizuka Senpai x Blazer the Animation – a pornographic adult anime review


DDgaqfXUIAAVepL (1)Never underestimate how enjoyable a simple story can be.

Iizuka Senpai x Blazer the Animation is as simple and sweet as possible. A girl who loves a boy shows off her new school uniform, complete with the eponymous blazer, to him. It’s the sweetest vanilla story with fucking under literal covers.

The animation is by T-Rex, a studio well known for great hentai animation. Even it’s simplistic characters designs are alluring. Over-designed characters are one of the overarching problems I have with anime as a whole, especially hentai. With hentai, the simple and classic character designs help with eroticizing characters as archetypes.

blazer 2The color and art design is extremely well done. Nipples in some hentai are a personal pet peeve of mine, and this hentai hits it on the head perfectly. The perfect mix of softness and… let’s say ‘pinchabilty’. The sort of wooden or chocolate aesthetic is very charming.

One downside is the length — a short one episode hentai coming in at just under sixteen minutes. Personally, I don’t find it to be that horrible of a thing, a much greater sin would be to prolong something with bad pacing and padding. Short and sweet things are one of life’s greatest joys.


After… The Animation – a pornographic adult anime review

After… The Animation – a pornographic adult anime review


after 3After… The Animation is a high school drama between a group of friends where everything revolves around sex. So, somewhat like real high school I guess. A girl is in love with her brother, there’s two love triangles, and secrets abound. And someone fucks a teacher. It’s got all the teen high school drama tropes.

The animation quality veers into somewhat hilariously… awkward, notably in the first episode, but remains consistently serviceable during most of it, especially in sex scenes, so they knew where their efforts should be focused. The second episode is significantly better in both animation and direction.after 1

Aesthetically pleasing, with nice character designs, a nice colour palette, and uncensored, which is always a plus with hentai.

It’s Degrassi:  The Hentai, I think. I never watched Degrassi, but it’s the most generic high school drama I can think of. “What are you going to do after graduation” is the question, and the source of the title. The characters are trying to sort themselves out, along with all the dramas of their interpersonal relationships as graduation lingers.

after 4
An example of a less than stellar frame from episode 1. Why is your face so HUUUUGE.

It’s vanilla, with no fetish scenes so enduring that you’d write home about them. There’s an outdoors scene I guess, a character who’s doing porn and apparently into ‘rape play’.

It’s a fairly generic hentai, although I did fine it enjoyable seeing characters in a teen drama actually fuck on screen. Step it up, Degrassi. If something average with fun generic teen school drama is up your valley, check it out.

MoMoKo – a pornographic adult anime review

MoMoKo – a pornographic adult anime review


momoko2MoMoKo is a fantastic little love story, but I’m not sure if it’s sufficiently erotic. There’s a sort of music video and Hollywood film sexuality and lust to it, but that leads it away from showing the disgusting and lewd side of fucking–never a cock or a clit to be seen. It’s the same problem I had with Tenkousei, and I just as conflict here as I was there.

The difference between live action porn and “artistic” renditions of sex in Hollywood films is the vague nature. Hentai combines the two so perfectly and erotically–it’s one of it’s true and distinct strengths. MoMoKo is stuck in the Hollywood film version of sex. It uses really momoko4pointed and sensual imagery, the vivid light of entry is much more tasteful and subtle than the x-ray of anatomy of current hentai, and a very “music video” imaginary of a rushing waterfall for cumming, but I can’t shake the feeling that it lacks the needed filth of pornography.

Other than that, it’s fun and sexy, that sort of a lighthearted fantasy seduction that one would call love-making unironically, although it does have a rather out of place “rape as comedy” bit for a side character. It’s the story of a sweet aspiring actress who has no qualms about her sexuality, and thinks of herself as the Japanese Marilyn Monroe, as she attaches herself to and ends momoko3up falling in love with a salaryman. The animation and art design are pleasant and competent, but it’s age is definitely visible.

For me, it works as a romance with sex, but I’m not sure if it works as porn. I do highly recommend it though.

Offside Girl – a pornographic adult anime review

Offside Girl – a pornographic adult anime review


offsideRemember those ‘motion comics’ they use to make? Where they take the frame of a comic and seemingly just edit it to make it appear animated? And it always looks… wrong? They’ve been made for Watchmen, Astonishing X-Men, and Iron Man — and in 2007 they made one for a hentai.

Except, not only does it carry all the flaws of the halfhearted animation of “motion comics”, they take the lacklustre production value of hentai and don’t even animated simple things like lips.

offside-2If you’ve ever been bothered or annoyed by Queen Bee animation standards, this is the next level of hell. It doesn’t even have a professional standards of colouring or line-art. This might as well be a cheap visual novel with some limited fake offside-3animation.

The story is relevantly fine, the music hilarious (reminds me of JRPG battle music in some places), and the fetishes are mild. Unless you jack off to jiggling tits with the Photoshop morph tool, skip this.

Rennyuu Tales The Animation – a pornographic adult manga review

Rennyuu Tales The Animation – a pornographic adult manga review


ss2016-11-29at09-58-17Rennyuu Tales is “Super Visible Nipples” The Hentai Anime for some reason, and it’s strange. It takes all the worst anatomy and aesthetic choices of the manga it’s adapted from and amps it up ten fold and removes any of the softness. It’s a great example of taking everything bad from the source material while failing to capitalise on the good.

ss2016-11-29at09-59-44Most of all, it really shows the inferiority of nipples in hentai anime compared to hentai manga. All the sweetness is gone. The nipples are now hard and awkwardly well defined opposed to the softness of the manga. The same with the bodies in general. People like to shit on Queen Bee, but I’d much rather something by Queen Bee with decent character design than this.

ss2016-11-29at09-56-06The stories are fine, three short unrelated ss2016-11-29at10-01-18vanilla-ish stories with decent set ups. But they can’t overcome extremely awkward art design.

Whatever brief positive moments it has, it isn’t enough to recommend it, to anyone.


Vanilla Essence – a pornographic adult manga review

Vanilla Essence – a pornographic adult manga review


ss2016-11-26at12-47-23The images from this review come from the original censored version floating around the net. The current Project-H release is brilliantly uncensored and can be purchased from their site, Amazon, or where I purchased it, bookdepository

Vanilla Essence is mostly about concealed sex — the act of hiding and having sex in a somewhat public place. Which is a great and underappreciatedss2016-11-26at01-03-13 fetish, in my opinion at least. And a trade focusing on it from a master of hentai manga like Yamatogawa certainly gives it the respect it deserves.

ss2016-11-26at01-11-09That concealed sex fetish and young vanilla heterosexual love are the two things that tie this set of nine short stories together. All the characters are students, and all of them are either in love or lust with each other. From a character who ventures into the world of voyeurism on fellow students and meets a kindred perverted spirit, to two swimmers who hide and mess around in a pool.

ss2016-11-26at01-20-29This omnibus of stories was localised by Project Hentai — but not the Project Hentai that was seen in the past. These stories are beautifully uncensored, with higher paper quality and coloured pages than a lot of their previous books. It pretty much a direct response to their competitor FAKKU. Although it doesn’t strive for the absolute one to one comparison with the Japanese release that FAKKU seems to. The ss2016-11-26at01-20-02more economical nature of Project-H’s books never bothers me though, the biggest highlight of it is the uncensored art. God bless that uncensored art. The only issue to have with this release, I believe, in that typesetting is somewhat dull and routine. I suppose being spoilt by the creativity and flourish of fan projects has it’s downsides.

Yamatogawa is truly a master. His art is mature but cute. Hairless tight vaginas and huge cocks. His art is absolute full of expression, and his background full of detail. This isn’t a book you’ll regret picking up. It’s erotic but sweet, lewd but loving — the very best of vanilla hentai.