Enjoying All-New Captain America, written by Rick ss+(2016-07-07+at+11.35.32)Remender with beautiful art by Stuart Immonen, just makes me feel frustrated. And I did enjoy it — a lot actually. More then I thought I would. I would have enjoyed it better if Marvel didn’t constantly cancel and restart every single one of their series in the most frustrating way possible.

There’s a lot to like in All-New Captain America. The new status quo that came out of Rick Remender previous
Captain America Volume 7, which left Steve Rogers old,ss+(2016-07-07+at+11.37.16) decrepit with a new feisty son and heir apparent, but leaving his title and name to long time friend and partner Sam Wilson.

But Remender’s All-New Captain America leaves you with merely 6 issues of it. And an unrelated special by another author.

Everything within it feels like potential cut short, and for a book which was such a welcome surprise is a shame. A shame to fall victim to Marvel’s constant relaunching of books. Although the frustration it causes, if you want a book with great art and neat dynamic, I would definitely recommend it. And then recommend Nick Spencer current ongoing Captain America Sam Wilson — before that also gets cut off after 6 issues and an annual.


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