wife wife 1Wife in Short Shorts — called Aisai Bloomer in Japan — is ultimately a book about sex within committed heterosexual relationships. Within 90% of the stories, couples either start out as couples, or end with at least a promise of one. Showcasing the sexual love of relationships: from the first times for new couples, to fun times with married couples.

The art by Akinao is sweet and cute – if a little on the immature side.The censorship is what I like to call ‘lightsaber dicks and white void vaginas’, but thankfully that flaw never takes too much enjoyment away from the book. With a vanilla book like this, the style of censorship and wife wife 3the innocence of the art only help the feeling of joyous sexual love shine brighter.

That’s not to say it’s not a completely pure ‘in missionary position with the lights off for the pure sake of reproduction’ romp. Cosplay, public sex, step-siblings and toys all play a part. Married couples affirm their love, attraction and desire for each other. There’s a feeling of marriage that doesn’t detail a sexual ‘death bed’. Instead, this book inspires a sense of intention adoring passion with a warm fuzzy feeling attached.

I adored this book – a really great English localised offering from Project-H and I highly recommend it.

wife wife 2


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