ss+(2016-07-08+at+04.23.59)I dislike Marguerite Bennett most of the time, but she surprises in this book — at least in the first year of this series.

Based on a collection of glorious statues that reimagine the DC heroines as WWII pin-ups, it makes for a striking comic series, based on visuals and designs alone.

One problem is that the book cuts between the point of views and storyline of different characters constantly, at least until the book reaches it’s climax and brings the characters ss+(2016-07-08+at+04.30.53)together. A part of me wants to say there are weak links in the story (Catwoman, Zatanna, and Batwoman come to mind), but it’s more that the Wonder Woman parts were so enjoyable that I’m left asking “can we go back to Wonder Woman now?” constantly.

I can only hope Bennett doesn’t devolve into the type of childishness that made her Angela series unreadable. This is definitely her most recommendable series.


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