ss+(2016-07-10+at+05.24.42)From my perspective, Heavenly is thematically about people using each other for satisfaction.

It uses darker elements like blackmail (not as dark as some other books use it, but still blackmail), rape (not as cruel and degrading as some other books use it, but still rape) with a dash of mindbreak. With elements of NTR that never quite delves into the ‘bad feels’ that category of fetish is known for.

Even in the more vanilla stories, they are still brushed with shades of grey. But still, there are more vanilla stories, which make this book an interesting mix. Cuvie’s art is God-like—a perfect mesh of cuteness and maturity—with the censoring being thankfully near unnoticeable. The beauty of the art make it easy for someone to get through it, even if those darker fetishes aren’t their personal preference, which makes it, and Cuvie in general, a perfect gateway drug.
Porn and fetishes are such a personal thing that it’s impossible for me, or I believe anyone, to claim objectivity. This is definitely a book I rate lower on a subjective basis, because the fetishes and story elements just don’t appeal to me. It’s a book I would recommend on an artistic level—but on a personal level, I wouldn’t.

Cuvie’s art is truly spectacular though, and if you enjoyed just the art as much as I did, the slightly more vanilla flavour of Alluring Woman available through FAKKU is definitely a book I highly recommend. But if you are looking for a gateway into the slightly darker side of hentai manga, Heavenly may be good for a taste though.


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