akiba-girls-2Akiba Girls is the epitome of ‘it’s okay’, in the awkward way that only an early 2000’s production can be. The art style is fine, the animation is fine, the story is fine.

It’s the story of a closeted otaku and frequent visitor of Akiba, the otaku consumer capital of Japan, deciding to fully commit to his interests by joining the “Alternative Trivia Research Club”, attending conventions, and constantly falling into and sleeping with cute girls the way through. Consensual, joyous sex, might I add.
A slice of life with sex—with a story that becomes AkibaGirls2_full_02strange, and not in a particularly fun or interesting way. It’s available uncensored, which is always a rare treat, and may add some value to it.

A fun ride, but ultimately is just ‘fine’.


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