ss+(2016-07-19+at+05.36.02)An aggressively average offering — but not from a lack of effort. Mahmud Asrar’s art is beautiful as always, so whenever he’s working on the book it is an absolute treat, but although Mark Waid tends to be a solid writer, he just fails to shine on this book.

The story and characters are the major issues. The teens feel misplaced on such an adult team. It gives the feeling that they couldn’t choose between a teen hero book or an adult hero book, and the mixture is simply a let down. Any romance feels like an extreme gimmick rather than anything moving and meaningful — despite how desperately Waid wants it to be moving.
Elements of Vision’s and Thor’s stories could have worked, but they feel too disjointed being put side by side with the teen elements. The book isn’t insulting, or boldly awful in anyway, just bland and poorly blended together.

It’s okay, but lacking.


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