ss+(2016-07-19+at+04.49.29)This book is a highlight in Supergirl’s history.

The rest of Sterling Gate’s run of Supergirl is fraught with crossovers — of which he handles fantastically, more so than most other books — but the loveliness and spirit of his storylines untainted by interruption can’t be understated, which is why this particular volume is so recommended so highly by me. The art is very lovely, butss+(2016-07-19+at+05.05.03) ultimately nothing too spectacular outside Amy Reeder Hadley’s absolutely phenomenal covers and an annual with art from Matt Camp.

An absolutely delightful book that plays with both the Superfamily mythos and Supergirl’s relation to it to its strengths. A personal favourite Bizarro storyline, side characters like Cat Grant used in a perfect manner, and all of the uniqueness Supergirl has as a book based on a unsure superpowered teenage girl has is on display.


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