14“It’s like off-brand bootleg KyoAni made a hentai” is the first thought I had while watching this show. Which is somehow both a compliment and an insult. Where or where not that particular sort of cute art style lends itself to erotic material is purely subjective.

It really does a surprisingly great job of capturing the moe character archetypes and the KyoAni-esque brand of art style and character design. The animation is nice and natural, and although the cinematography is fairly uninspired, it does it’s job.

Trying to look at it 17objectively, it has characters with interesting dynamics having vanilla sex, even venturing into some kinkiness and fetish-y type situations and dialogue as it progresses — a fun, sex filled harem experience.

But if the art style revolts you with it’s somewhat childish moe appeal, I don’t think the rest will win you back. After all, I’d say it’s inarguable trying to invoke and play into the direct style and feel of shows with that cute aesthetic. For me, it worked, and if you’ve been waiting all your life to see the girls from your generic moeblob harem to finally fuck, it’s recommendable.


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