honey1There are times when a show being bad is just depressing. It has so much potential, tries for a fun atmosphere and employs subject matters that you adore and want more of, but those things can’t overcome it being irredeemable garbage.

That is Oyomesama Honey Days.

A show about a happy couple who are obsessed with assplay, making it filled with love, comedy, anal and rimming, and you just keep repeating to yourself, “Why isn’t this good?”. And the reason is twofold: art style and animation.

Art style is slightly complicated.honey2
Perhaps  this art style could have been nice with actual animation, but it reminds me of those awful ‘baby’s first anime art style’ guide book. It completely misses the charm of the art from the original manga by Tana, but it’s not from a lack of trying. In fact, I think it’s from trying too hard to fit an art style that works in one medium (manga) into another that it’s ill-suited for (anime).

honey4Animation wise, I must assume it’s made by a subset of Queen Bee, a label that is well know for substituting actual animation with the stretch and skew tool. All the worst tricks and faults of Queen Bee are on display—ruining a hentai that could have been at least charming.

It’s a shame—a damn shame.


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