hi4I think it’s rather short sighted to hate every Queen Bee production. Sure, they generally all have lacklustre animation to say the least, but with the right art style, right stories, and right pacing, they can be enjoyable. Never great, never masterpieces, but enjoyable.

And that’s what Houkago Initiation is. There’s a certain charm to it. At least to the first episode.

The first episode is a set of lightly hi2sweet kinky stories. It isn’t a completely vanilla ‘two people in a committed relationship having sex’ vanilla, but it lacks most hard cruelty to it. Most of it is people enjoying having sex with each other vanilla—somewhat kinky sex. From partner sharing (including the very rare male-female-male non-rape threesome) to petplay.

Episode two is significantly darker, focusing on one story filled with yandere NTR-themed rape. There’s a certain disconnected atmosphere between the two episodes that make them hard to recommend together. Both of them are certainly interesting though.

hi3It has a beautiful art style, taking extreme care to properly emulate the art of Arai Kei, even going as far to including a short demonstration of the manga panel to anime scene comparisons at the end of the episode.

The format of having two 10 minute stories really works in it’s favour, making the first episode the stand out. Houkage Initiation first episode is cut short and to the point, never lingering too long.
The animation, as is infamous Queen Bee’s style, is never the best, but if you can not let their use of simple stretch and skew in lieu of actual animation bother you too much, it’s certainly an interesting show.


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