ai no katachi2There’s a concept in BDSM called ‘safe, sane and consensual’ and this was the first hentai I felt demonstrated that.

It’s the story of a girl with a new boyfriend who has a huge fetish for filming sex, and for male/female/male threesome, and through him she enters into a world of light kink—experimenting with video recording, a lot of male/female/male threesomes, bondage and more—and enjoying it. There are other other women who get fucked too, but they are in service of telling the story of how the main girl gets fucked. There are a few unsavoury things—light water-sports and blood—but even if they aren’t your personal taste, I would still recommend this.

Within the second episode, the situation ai no katachi4gets dire, and loses the notion of ‘safe, sane and consensual’. They are unsafe. They aren’t sane. And it draws a very hard reality-fantasy line between her consent in the previous kink scenes with scenes of her not consenting.

This sounds dire, but it isn’t in service to a dark story—rather a love story. At the end of the day, love conquers all and happiness ensues. It’s a fun ride to watch a character enjoy kink, and kinkiness, and interesting to see hentai draw a line between roleplay and full non-consent.

ai no katachi6Animation wise, it’s fine. The art style is a nice mix of cute and mature and the character designs on the main characters is very polished.

I didn’t expect to love this hentai as much as I did—I am foremost a fan of vanilla—but I adored this, and highly recommend it to anyone to at least try.


ai no katachi3
It’s pretty great.

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