[Coelacanth] Good Times [English] (Complete) [Uncensored]_593881-0010Good Times!! is, simply put, a good time. A collection of fun, well executed stories with absolute brilliant art that will satisfy the vanilla perversions of both your heart and loins.
[Coelacanth] Good Times [English] (Complete) [Uncensored]_593881-0006
Coelacanth’s art is mature and ‘realistic’ to an extent that remains as cute and lovable as can be. The intimate bodies of the characters are rendered both cutely and maturely, even the colors, when they are present, are gloriously soft and well-suited to the atmosphere. I might even call the art ‘feminine’, but it’s still very orientated towards the male audience.

Untitled-12The themes and tropes it’s presents are among the more vanilla in hentai—almost entirely centred around school life, with step-siblings, teacher/student (of both sexes), childhood friends, tomboys, young couples. At it’s most non-vanilla, it breaches into shota and loli (shotacon and lolicon – a genre that involve Untitled-1people underage), or it’s a comedy story which involves extremely light-hearted NTR, without involving any of the ‘bad feels’ that normally accompanies that fetish.

I’d highly recommend Good Times!! to anyone who wanted to give h-manga a try, but had been turned off by the often hardcore nature that is put front-and-centre about it. I love sex being fun, and sweet and beautifully illustrated, and Good Times!! is all of that and more.


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