jkbitch4Sluts are fun!

With a lot of hentai feeling like an endless parade of shy moe virgin girls crying ‘no’ and blushing through their first times, having a show about a group of cock hungry sluts with literal hearts in their eyes at the sight of dick while begging to be fucked is a jkbitch5blessed relief.

Variety is the spice of life—and JK Bitch ni Shiboraretai is a flavour I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a good time.

jkbitch3It’s a lighthearted and somewhat vanilla fuckfest, with a really cute high school aesthetic that is beautifully animated. Real actual animation, bless our Lord and saviour, animated by T-Rex, who also worked Mizugi Kanojo and Ai no Katachi, which are personal favourites, and JK Bitch stands right alongside those as their best.

It really captures a high school aesthetic in it’s character designs and it’s dialogue, while obviously amplifying it for fetish appeal. I expected it to be darker than it was, but it really is Fucking Cute Dumb Cock Hungry Sluts: The Hentai—and god damn, is it fun.

People can enjoy jkbitch2their dark fetish filled hentai and whatever NTR shit is coming out this week, but I’ll thank our merciful Lord for blessing up with this hentai about dumb cock hungry high school sluts, and have a great time while doing it—and I highly recommend you at least consider doing the same.

Enjoy the fun of sluts.

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