sadism5[This is a review of the first episode as of 18/09/16]

Despite the title, the sadism in this show is quite light, at least in the first episode. Which is either an upside or a downside depending on your fetishes. As a vanilla lover, it’s a pleasant surprise and makes this show a joy I didn’t expect.sadism2

Four girls with a crush on their teacher bully him with an ‘aphrodisiac’, and beg to be fucked. The most obvious example of the light sadism of this show comes from a scene of foot licking, which even as someone without a foot fetish wasn’t a complete turn off. If you have a fetish for tights, this is definitely a series to consider.

sadism4It’s a really well designed show—the art style is really delicious and the animation is decent. The girls are great, and the male teacher is handsome—as a bisexual, an attractive main man is an amazing detail to me at least. It isn’t a revolutionary show, or a particularly unique concept, but it’s a fun experience with good art—what else can you ask for?

sadism6The name of this show is honestly one of it’s greatest flaws—people looking for hardcore femdom sadism will be disappointed and those looking for a more vanilla experience will be turned away. Maybe future episodes will change this, but right now this show is worth giving a look.

The moe-st hentai guy.


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