tenkousei1tenkousei2Childhood loves are sweet, and so is this show. But maybe it’s missing some of the edge a hentai needs.

Tenkousei is a legitimately good show about a forgotten childhood love, that has it’s protagonist sleep with multiple women without it contrary to the overall love story. Utterly and purely vanilla hentai—so vanilla it never even endeavours into the filthier parts of love making—like actually seeing the vagina and dick of your partner up close.

tenkousei4Maybe it’s the trends of modern hentai which values showing everything that is spoiling expectations, but it almost feels like this show excels at telling a love story but fails at the eroticism of being a hentai. And maybe that’s okay.

tenkousei7It’s really an absolutely beautiful show. The art style is classical and mature. It uses it’s nostalgic setting of past childhood loves perfectly. Even if it never shows the vagina or dick of the characters, the animation, art style and story always feels at least romantic. There’s tenkousei5something about 90’s anime that is utterly gorgeous, and this show captures it perfect.

tenkousei6There’s a lot to praise about Tenkousei, but I’m still not sure who it is really for, or who it is best to recommend for. Perhaps someone who wants to want a sweet romance knowing the characters are capable of making that sexual move at the end of their story actually on camera, without being a production that solely serves to be pornographic. And that is certainly Tenkousei in a nutshell.


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