chichiiro-toiki3If you like huge oversized tits, an art style that rather passable, okay sex  but little to no story to connect to, this is a hentai for you.

It’s not bad, but it’s extremely shallow. Which is fine, if huge oversized tits are your fetish, have fun, you’re about the only to whom this is recommendable. It’s pretty much Cowtits: the Hentai. The sex and the positions they have it in isn’t interesting or particularly well animated, and the positions just ‘appear’ as opposed to seeing the characters being animated getting into them. Which is extremely unsatisfying.

chichiiro-toiki4The first episode is the best. A childhood friend consoles a friend after he is rejected by letting him touch her breasts (realism), and he loses control. There’s a few decent segments, and it’s the sex is rough though still fairly vanilla in flavour. Flawed and dull but inoffensive. But then we get the second episode.

chichiiro-toiki1The second episode is fairly bad–and a lot more extreme. Piss, an absolutely pointless NTR/rape fantasy spot are both entirely unnecessary and out of place with the first episode. It has all the problems of the first episode (dull, unsatisfying animation) with none of it’s perks.

The conclusion is, “if all you want is absolutely huge cowtits, this is for you. For anyone else, it’s simply not worth it.”


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