pinkerton-1[This is a review of the first two episodes as of 5/11/16]

Can you spoil hentai? What if the main fetish that the hentai is pandering to kind of spoiler for how the hentai plays out? Should I speak as vaguely as possible about hentai to avoid it? Oh well fuck it.

This could be a gateway hentai for some people—a passage into some darker elements. This definitely isn’t made or targeted toward vanilla fans though, but the first episode isn’t extreme enough (it isn’t Euphoria for instance) to turn off any fans looking for a first dip into gangbang rape blackmail mindbreak and can live through some light watersports and ugly men. It was fun and degenerate, with the second episode being a highlight.

pinkerton-3The very least you can say about Queen Bee as a studio is that they try to maintain the art style of the manga they are adapting, so the art style is cute and clean. Although it’s hard to count that as either a positive or a compliment considering that it seems to be more out of laziness than for a desire of quality. After all, it’s Queen Bee, a studio that uses stretch and skew in lieu of actual animating movement.

Sometimes Queen Bee’s methods even does an okay job of emulating actual animation, but it’s never good enough to fully make you forget that the product you’re watching is subpar.

But man, mindbreak is such a weird concept for a fetish.

pinkerton-5Most of the time it’s ‘rape you for five minutes until you start to like it and then end up begging for it’. I suppose it’s negates some of the feeling of guilt from fapping to a rape played completely straight. Maybe it’s a weird combination of that bimbofication fetish people have too. And why is so much of it ugly old men?! This isn’t a judgement of this fetish, because I enjoy it lightly too. I even enjoyed it in this hentai.

If you want to try something a little bit darker, or enjoy molestation, mindbreak or blackmail in porn and don’t mind the budget quality of Queen Bee, give this a shot.


One thought on “Pinkerton – a pornographic adult anime review

  1. I see what it could be when I watch it… well… thanks for your review!
    I’m thinking about your questions. They are interesting, since it asks about hentai industry! As someone who admires it and likes to analyse it as while as non adult Anime, I apreciate a lot your work here. Good job!


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