ss2016-11-29at09-58-17Rennyuu Tales is “Super Visible Nipples” The Hentai Anime for some reason, and it’s strange. It takes all the worst anatomy and aesthetic choices of the manga it’s adapted from and amps it up ten fold and removes any of the softness. It’s a great example of taking everything bad from the source material while failing to capitalise on the good.

ss2016-11-29at09-59-44Most of all, it really shows the inferiority of nipples in hentai anime compared to hentai manga. All the sweetness is gone. The nipples are now hard and awkwardly well defined opposed to the softness of the manga. The same with the bodies in general. People like to shit on Queen Bee, but I’d much rather something by Queen Bee with decent character design than this.

ss2016-11-29at09-56-06The stories are fine, three short unrelated ss2016-11-29at10-01-18vanilla-ish stories with decent set ups. But they can’t overcome extremely awkward art design.

Whatever brief positive moments it has, it isn’t enoughto recommend it, to anyone.


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