offsideRemember those ‘motion comics’ they use to make? Where they take the frame of a comic and seemingly just edit it to make it appear animated? And it always looks… wrong? They’ve been made for Watchmen, Astonishing X-Men, and Iron Man — and in 2007 they made one for a hentai.

Except, not only does it carry all the flaws of the halfhearted animation of “motion comics”, they take the lacklustre production value of hentai and don’t even animated simple things like lips.

offside-2If you’ve ever been bothered or annoyed by Queen Bee animation standards, this is the next level of hell. It doesn’t even have a professional standards of colouring or line-art. This might as well be a cheap visual novel with some limited fake offside-3animation.

The story is relevantly fine, the music hilarious (reminds me of JRPG battle music in some places), and the fetishes are mild. Unless you jack off to jiggling tits with the Photoshop morph tool, skip this.


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