after 3After… The Animation is a high school drama between a group of friends where everything revolves around sex. So, somewhat like real high school I guess. A girl is in love with her brother, there’s two love triangles, and secrets abound. And someone fucks a teacher. It’s got all the teen high school drama tropes.

The animation quality veers into somewhat hilariously… awkward, notably in the first episode, but remains consistently serviceable during most of it, especially in sex scenes, so they knew where their efforts should be focused. The second episode is significantly better in both animation and direction.after 1

Aesthetically pleasing, with nice character designs, a nice colour palette, and uncensored, which is always a plus with hentai.

It’s Degrassi:  The Hentai, I think. I never watched Degrassi, but it’s the most generic high school drama I can think of. “What are you going to do after graduation” is the question, and the source of the title. The characters are trying to sort themselves out, along with all the dramas of their interpersonal relationships as graduation lingers.

after 4
An example of a less than stellar frame from episode 1. Why is your face so HUUUUGE.

It’s vanilla, with no fetish scenes so enduring that you’d write home about them. There’s an outdoors scene I guess, a character who’s doing porn and apparently into ‘rape play’.

It’s a fairly generic hentai, although I did fine it enjoyable seeing characters in a teen drama actually fuck on screen. Step it up, Degrassi. If something average with fun generic teen school drama is up your valley, check it out.


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