DDgaqfXUIAAVepL (1)Never underestimate how enjoyable a simple story can be.

Iizuka Senpai x Blazer the Animation is as simple and sweet as possible. A girl who loves a boy shows off her new school uniform, complete with the eponymous blazer, to him. It’s the sweetest vanilla story with fucking under literal covers.

The animation is by T-Rex, a studio well known for great hentai animation. Even it’s simplistic characters designs are alluring. Over-designed characters are one of the overarching problems I have with anime as a whole, especially hentai. With hentai, the simple and classic character designs help with eroticizing characters as archetypes.

blazer 2The color and art design is extremely well done. Nipples in some hentai are a personal pet peeve of mine, and this hentai hits it on the head perfectly. The perfect mix of softness and… let’s say ‘pinchabilty’. The sort of wooden or chocolate aesthetic is very charming.

One downside is the length — a short one episode hentai coming in at just under sixteen minutes. Personally, I don’t find it to be that horrible of a thing, a much greater sin would be to prolong something with bad pacing and padding. Short and sweet things are one of life’s greatest joys.



One thought on “Iizuka Senpai x Blazer the Animation – a pornographic adult anime review

  1. I’m sorry if you’ve said this in a specific post before, but I’m so curious. What made you start this blog? Was it just you’re interest in hentai and want to talk about it, or trying to find good hentai to recommend to people? Do you masturbate to these, or just watch to review?


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