profileI’m Kate, a vanilla hentai snob and a good Christian girl. I take this far too seriously. I enjoy mainly heterosexual pornography, but venture in gay and lesbian from time to time. I was, in my youth, a fujoshi. The content of this site will be mostly heterosexual hentai.

I dislike “Girl on the Internet” type shit so I tend to hide my gender, but reviewing hentai… it seems relevant. The ways the two genders experience and enjoy porn are so different, it seems really dishonest to be like “I’m a dude who’s enjoying porn like ya’ll, here’s my male opinion of why hentai dudes should be hotter.”

My fetishes are: male doms, teacher/student, sex in the missionary position for the pure sake of reproduction, bi & threesomes. The fetishes I hate are: scat, NTR, futa & extreme loli.