All-New, All-Different Avengers TPB 1 – a comic review

All-New, All-Different Avengers TPB 1 – a comic review


ss+(2016-07-19+at+05.36.02)An aggressively average offering — but not from a lack of effort. Mahmud Asrar’s art is beautiful as always, so whenever he’s working on the book it is an absolute treat, but although Mark Waid tends to be a solid writer, he just fails to shine on this book.

The story and characters are the major issues. The teens feel misplaced on such an adult team. It gives the feeling that they couldn’t choose between a teen hero book or an adult hero book, and the mixture is simply a let down. Any romance feels like an extreme gimmick rather than anything moving and meaningful — despite how desperately Waid wants it to be moving.
Elements of Vision’s and Thor’s stories could have worked, but they feel too disjointed being put side by side with the teen elements. The book isn’t insulting, or boldly awful in anyway, just bland and poorly blended together.

It’s okay, but lacking.


Supergirl Vol 5 TPB 9: Bizarrogirl – a comic review

Supergirl Vol 5 TPB 9: Bizarrogirl – a comic review


ss+(2016-07-19+at+04.49.29)This book is a highlight in Supergirl’s history.

The rest of Sterling Gate’s run of Supergirl is fraught with crossovers — of which he handles fantastically, more so than most other books — but the loveliness and spirit of his storylines untainted by interruption can’t be understated, which is why this particular volume is so recommended so highly by me. The art is very lovely, butss+(2016-07-19+at+05.05.03) ultimately nothing too spectacular outside Amy Reeder Hadley’s absolutely phenomenal covers and an annual with art from Matt Camp.

An absolutely delightful book that plays with both the Superfamily mythos and Supergirl’s relation to it to its strengths. A personal favourite Bizarro storyline, side characters like Cat Grant used in a perfect manner, and all of the uniqueness Supergirl has as a book based on a unsure superpowered teenage girl has is on display.

DC Bombshells TPB 1 – a comic review

DC Bombshells TPB 1 – a comic review


ss+(2016-07-08+at+04.23.59)I dislike Marguerite Bennett most of the time, but she surprises in this book — at least in the first year of this series.

Based on a collection of glorious statues that reimagine the DC heroines as WWII pin-ups, it makes for a striking comic series, based on visuals and designs alone.

One problem is that the book cuts between the point of views and storyline of different characters constantly, at least until the book reaches it’s climax and brings the characters ss+(2016-07-08+at+04.30.53)together. A part of me wants to say there are weak links in the story (Catwoman, Zatanna, and Batwoman come to mind), but it’s more that the Wonder Woman parts were so enjoyable that I’m left asking “can we go back to Wonder Woman now?” constantly.

I can only hope Bennett doesn’t devolve into the type of childishness that made her Angela series unreadable. This is definitely her most recommendable series.

All-New Captain America TPB 1 – a comic review

All-New Captain America TPB 1 – a comic review


Enjoying All-New Captain America, written by Rick ss+(2016-07-07+at+11.35.32)Remender with beautiful art by Stuart Immonen, just makes me feel frustrated. And I did enjoy it — a lot actually. More then I thought I would. I would have enjoyed it better if Marvel didn’t constantly cancel and restart every single one of their series in the most frustrating way possible.

There’s a lot to like in All-New Captain America. The new status quo that came out of Rick Remender previous
Captain America Volume 7, which left Steve Rogers old,ss+(2016-07-07+at+11.37.16) decrepit with a new feisty son and heir apparent, but leaving his title and name to long time friend and partner Sam Wilson.

But Remender’s All-New Captain America leaves you with merely 6 issues of it. And an unrelated special by another author.

Everything within it feels like potential cut short, and for a book which was such a welcome surprise is a shame. A shame to fall victim to Marvel’s constant relaunching of books. Although the frustration it causes, if you want a book with great art and neat dynamic, I would definitely recommend it. And then recommend Nick Spencer current ongoing Captain America Sam Wilson — before that also gets cut off after 6 issues and an annual.