Rennyuu Tales The Animation – a pornographic adult manga review

Rennyuu Tales The Animation – a pornographic adult manga review


ss2016-11-29at09-58-17Rennyuu Tales is “Super Visible Nipples” The Hentai Anime for some reason, and it’s strange. It takes all the worst anatomy and aesthetic choices of the manga it’s adapted from and amps it up ten fold and removes any of the softness. It’s a great example of taking everything bad from the source material while failing to capitalise on the good.

ss2016-11-29at09-59-44Most of all, it really shows the inferiority of nipples in hentai anime compared to hentai manga. All the sweetness is gone. The nipples are now hard and awkwardly well defined opposed to the softness of the manga. The same with the bodies in general. People like to shit on Queen Bee, but I’d much rather something by Queen Bee with decent character design than this.

ss2016-11-29at09-56-06The stories are fine, three short unrelated ss2016-11-29at10-01-18vanilla-ish stories with decent set ups. But they can’t overcome extremely awkward art design.

Whatever brief positive moments it has, it isn’t enoughto recommend it, to anyone.


Vanilla Essence – a pornographic adult manga review

Vanilla Essence – a pornographic adult manga review


ss2016-11-26at12-47-23The images from this review come from the original censored version floating around the net. The current Project-H release is brilliantly uncensored and can be purchased from their site, Amazon, or where I purchased it, bookdepository.

Vanilla Essence is mostly about concealed sex — the act of hiding and having sex in a somewhat public place. Which is a great and underappreciatedss2016-11-26at01-03-13 fetish, in my opinion at least. And a trade focusing on it from a master of hentai manga like Yamatogawa certainly gives it the respect it deserves.

ss2016-11-26at01-11-09That concealed sex fetish and young vanilla heterosexual love are the two things that tie this set of nine short stories together. All the characters are students, and all of them are either in love or lust with each other. From a character who ventures into the world of voyeurism on fellow students and meets a kindred perverted spirit, to two swimmers who hide and mess around in a pool.

ss2016-11-26at01-20-29This omnibus of stories was localised by Project Hentai — but not the Project Hentai that was seen in the past. These stories are beautifully uncensored, with higher paper quality and coloured pages than a lot of their previous books. It pretty much a direct response to their competitor FAKKU. Although it doesn’t strive for the absolute one to one comparison with the Japanese release that FAKKU seems to. The ss2016-11-26at01-20-02more economical nature of Project-H’s books never bothers me though, the biggest highlight of it is the uncensored art. God bless that uncensored art. The only issue to have with this release, I believe, in that typesetting is somewhat dull and routine. I suppose being spoilt by the creativity and flourish of fan projects has it’s downsides.

Yamatogawa is truly a master. His art is mature but cute. Hairless tight vaginas and huge cocks. His art is absolute full of expression, and his background full of detail. This isn’t a book you’ll regret picking up. It’s erotic but sweet, lewd but loving — the very best of vanilla hentai.

Pinkerton – a pornographic adult anime review

Pinkerton – a pornographic adult anime review


pinkerton-1[This is a review of the first two episodes as of 5/11/16]

Can you spoil hentai? What if the main fetish that the hentai is pandering to kind of spoiler for how the hentai plays out? Should I speak as vaguely as possible about hentai to avoid it? Oh well fuck it.

This could be a gateway hentai for some people—a passage into some darker elements. This definitely isn’t made or targeted toward vanilla fans though, but the first episode isn’t extreme enough (it isn’t Euphoria for instance) to turn off any fans looking for a first dip into gangbang rape blackmail mindbreak and can live through some light watersports and ugly men. It was fun and degenerate, with the second episode being a highlight.

pinkerton-3The very least you can say about Queen Bee as a studio is that they try to maintain the art style of the manga they are adapting, so the art style is cute and clean. Although it’s hard to count that as either a positive or a compliment considering that it seems to be more out of laziness than for a desire of quality. After all, it’s Queen Bee, a studio that uses stretch and skew in lieu of actual animating movement.

Sometimes Queen Bee’s methods even does an okay job of emulating actual animation, but it’s never good enough to fully make you forget that the product you’re watching is subpar.

But man, mindbreak is such a weird concept for a fetish.

pinkerton-5Most of the time it’s ‘rape you for five minutes until you start to like it and then end up begging for it’. I suppose it’s negates some of the feeling of guilt from fapping to a rape played completely straight. Maybe it’s a weird combination of that bimbofication fetish people have too. And why is so much of it ugly old men?! This isn’t a judgement of this fetish, because I enjoy it lightly too. I even enjoyed it in this hentai.

If you want to try something a little bit darker, or enjoy molestation, mindbreak or blackmail in porn and don’t mind the budget quality of Queen Bee, give this a shot.

Chichiiro Toiki – a pornographic adult anime review

Chichiiro Toiki – a pornographic adult anime review


chichiiro-toiki3If you like huge oversized tits, an art style that rather passable, okay sex  but little to no story to connect to, this is a hentai for you.

It’s not bad, but it’s extremely shallow. Which is fine, if huge oversized tits are your fetish, have fun, you’re about the only to whom this is recommendable. It’s pretty much Cowtits: the Hentai. The sex and the positions they have it in isn’t interesting or particularly well animated, and the positions just ‘appear’ as opposed to seeing the characters being animated getting into them. Which is extremely unsatisfying.

chichiiro-toiki4The first episode is the best. A childhood friend consoles a friend after he is rejected by letting him touch her breasts (realism), and he loses control. There’s a few decent segments, and it’s the sex is rough though still fairly vanilla in flavour. Flawed and dull but inoffensive. But then we get the second episode.

chichiiro-toiki1The second episode is fairly bad–and a lot more extreme. Piss, an absolutely pointless NTR/rape fantasy spot are both entirely unnecessary and out of place with the first episode. It has all the problems of the first episode (dull, unsatisfying animation) with none of it’s perks.

The conclusion is, “if all you want is absolutely huge cowtits, this is for you. For anyone else, it’s simply not worth it.”

Hatsu Inu The Animation – a pornographic adult anime review

Hatsu Inu The Animation – a pornographic adult anime review


hatsuinu3Hatsu Inu The Animation is both fucking fantastic and fantastic fucking.

A girl in a deep committed relationship with her vibrator gets a real boyfriend and has to choose between them. The choice is pretty hard—but so is her boyfriend’s dick so it’ll work out fine. It has some absolutely classic scenes, like fucking on a train while she has a secret vibrator in and fucking in a public pool while she has a secret vibrator in. Top notch fetish material. Fujino is a top tier hentai waifu.

hatsuinu1And on top of a great scenario that’s ripe for both fetishization and sweetness, it’s beautifully animated, with eye-catching character designs. It’s one of the rare cases of a hentai anime with art that completely outperforms the original it’s adapted from, in my opinion at least.

hatsuinu7It’s great fun, and a fun romantic/comedic hentai that’s stretches it’s premise too much to become boring and hits all the best notes a vanilla hentai with a twist of fetish can. There’s a reason why Hatsu Inu The Animation deserves to be highly reviewed by hentai fans, it’s an absolute must to at least try, even as a non-hentai fan. Turn off your brain, turn on you heart and loin and have a great time.


Tenkousei (1996) – a pornographic adult anime review

Tenkousei (1996) – a pornographic adult anime review


tenkousei1tenkousei2Childhood loves are sweet, and so is this show. But maybe it’s missing some of the edge a hentai needs.

Tenkousei is a legitimately good show about a forgotten childhood love, that has it’s protagonist sleep with multiple women without it contrary to the overall love story. Utterly and purely vanilla hentai—so vanilla it never even endeavours into the filthier parts of love making—like actually seeing the vagina and dick of your partner up close.

tenkousei4Maybe it’s the trends of modern hentai which values showing everything that is spoiling expectations, but it almost feels like this show excels at telling a love story but fails at the eroticism of being a hentai. And maybe that’s okay.

tenkousei7It’s really an absolutely beautiful show. The art style is classical and mature. It uses it’s nostalgic setting of past childhood loves perfectly. Even if it never shows the vagina or dick of the characters, the animation, art style and story always feels at least romantic. There’s tenkousei5something about 90’s anime that is utterly gorgeous, and this show captures it perfect.

tenkousei6There’s a lot to praise about Tenkousei, but I’m still not sure who it is really for, or who it is best to recommend for. Perhaps someone who wants to want a sweet romance knowing the characters are capable of making that sexual move at the end of their story actually on camera, without being a production that solely serves to be pornographic. And that is certainly Tenkousei in a nutshell.

Shoujo-tachi no Sadism The Animation – a pornographic adult anime review

Shoujo-tachi no Sadism The Animation – a pornographic adult anime review


sadism5[This is a review of the first episode as of 18/09/16]

Despite the title, the sadism in this show is quite light, at least in the first episode. Which is either an upside or a downside depending on your fetishes. As a vanilla lover, it’s a pleasant surprise and makes this show a joy I didn’t expect.sadism2

Four girls with a crush on their teacher bully him with an ‘aphrodisiac’, and beg to be fucked. The most obvious example of the light sadism of this show comes from a scene of foot licking, which even as someone without a foot fetish wasn’t a complete turn off. If you have a fetish for tights, this is definitely a series to consider.

sadism4It’s a really well designed show—the art style is really delicious and the animation is decent. The girls are great, and the male teacher is handsome—as a bisexual, an attractive main man is an amazing detail to me at least. It isn’t a revolutionary show, or a particularly unique concept, but it’s a fun experience with good art—what else can you ask for?

sadism6The name of this show is honestly one of it’s greatest flaws—people looking for hardcore femdom sadism will be disappointed and those looking for a more vanilla experience will be turned away. Maybe future episodes will change this, but right now this show is worth giving a look.

The moe-st hentai guy.